Belvedere, Bredfield 

The project involved the segregation of a parcel of land within our clients land for the erection of a new dwelling for them to occupy. The host property, Church Farm House is of a traditional Suffolk Farmhouse aesthetic, which the new dwelling would have to respect in terms of its scale & aesthetic. Immediately South of the site is a grade I listed church building. The site is classified as ‘Open Countryside’

The house aims to exemplify low energy housing, reducing inputs of energy, whilst maintaining user comfort. The new dwelling incorporates; much higher than statutory required levels of insulation triple glazing, and building air-tightness, Careful solar orientation & fenestration. Ground source heating & Photovoltaics, low energy fittings & appliances. Energy efficiency was high on the client’s agenda, and the completed building has kept true to this initial brief.

The ‘boomerang’ shaped house relates well to its landscape, wrapping itself around the predominantly southern aspect of the private gardens. This maximises the opportunities for solar gain to the house, whilst the proposed built form creates a focal point for the internal accommodation, as well as aiding natural light into the internal spaces. The dwelling is largely open plan responding to the southern aspect of the private gardens to which the dwelling wraps around.

The materials chosen for the new dwelling give the building an aesthetic of an outbuilding, subservient to the host property. Whilst the design of the new dwelling holds its own character, it is not in visual competition with the host dwelling, or the neighbouring church building.

Client: Private Client

Structural Engineer: G.C. Robertson & Associates Ltd.

Planning Consultant: Bullworthy Shallish LLP.

Main Contractor: Rupert Owles Ltd.